Magic - Sky’s the Limit (1998)

Released September 15, 1998
Genre : Dirty South Rap
Length : 75:21
Label : No Limit/Priority Records
Producer : Beats By the Pound

  1. Intro
  2. Ghetto Godzilla (featuring Master P)
  3. Did What I Had 2 (featuring Mystikal)
  4. Depend on me (featuring C Murder)
  5. 9th Ward
  6. No Hope (featuring Sons of Funk and C Murder)
  7. Ball Til’ I Fall (featuring Snoop Dogg and Steady Mobb’n)
  8. I Got Love 4 Ya
  9. I Never
  10. Money Don’t Make Me (featuring C Murder and Soulja Slim)
  11. Sky’s The Limit (featuring Mia X)
  12. No Limit (featuring Snoop Dogg and C Murder)
  13. New Generation (featuring Mac)
  14. Hard Times (featuring C Murder)
  15. Life Is a Bitch
  16. Gimpin’ (featuring Kane & Abel, Big Ed, and Mac)
  17. Special Forces
  18. When Drama Came (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  19. Mobb 4 Ever (featuring KLC, C Murder, Gambino Family,and Prime Suspects)
  20. Chastity
  21. What I Gotta (featuring Silkk The Shocker)


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